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from information to innovation

Our motto is "From Information to Innovation". Our mission is to be your business partner for Information and Records Management, helping you leverage the value of your vital information assets, whilst reducing your operational and compliance risks.

We understand the issues relating to both paper and digital information; a particular focus currently is that of Data Protection and the GDPR.

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Using our expertise and technical services we can help you with:

Information Asset Register (profiling business processes and assets, mapping them to retention policies and recording an audit trail of business events, as well as maintaining GDPR Article 30 ROPA records) Read more 

Paper filing and archiving (designing processes, reviewing file organisation and equipment, supporting office moves and changes, barcode file tracking software system) Read more

Office moves and changes (helping you plan and undertake the move of filing, furniture and IT equipment) Read more

Electronic Document and Records Management (especially in specifying file plans, metadata schemes and records management processes) Read more

Records Retention (creating records retention schedules and action plans for their implementation for both documents and data) Read more

Document Scanning (full bureau service for preparation, scanning, indexing, quality control and release, with secure shredding or archive storage also available) Read more

Bespoke Database Development (moving from documents to reportable data) Read more

We look forward to speaking with you. Contact [email protected]